Prayer Guide Day 2 – Do Justice

Prayer Guide Day 2 – Do Justice

Prayer Guide Day 2 – Do Justice

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. 

— Micah 6:8

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The Prophet Micah reminds us to “act justly” or “do justice.” The Hebrew word for this is mishpat. This word that Micah chose is deliberate and full of meaning. Mishpat is a concept that reminds us that our relationship to others is connected with our relationship to God.

Because we love God, we must also love others. Because God extended dignity to us in our disgrace, we must extend dignity to others.

Feeding and extending dignity to our hungry neighbors across the street, and across the ocean, is our responsibility when we become aware of their need.

You, your family and your community are choosing to respond to God’s word, and the needs of others, in a way that offers hope and dignity.

You’re invited to “do justice” with your family and community through Hope for Dinner, and offer dignity to your neighbors in need.

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Orphanages could not receive necessary funds from donors because every bank shut down during an uprising in Burma. In response, a businessman took a team of people to bring currency to several orphanages around Burma. They bought large quantities of rice and delivered them along with the funds.

One little boy was especially grateful. He explained that his parents in the mountains had sent him to the orphanage. The businessman asked the boy, “do you hope to go home soon?” The boy replied, “Oh no sir, there is no food at home.”


Dear Jesus, please be with every hungry child tonight. Reach them with salvation, food and love. Help me to “do justice” wherever and whenever I can. Thanks for loving and extending dignity to me. Help me to courageously and fully engage in mishpat on behalf of others. Amen.

Hunger Fact 

Seven of the top ten Nobel Prize winning development economists did a global study and unanimously came to the agreement that nutrition and food security is the best investment per dollar to help the global poor.

More Should Be Spent on Hunger , Copenhagen Consensus Panel 2012



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