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A creative and effective way to involve friends and family in Hope for Dinner is to use social media. We want to encourage you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and your personal blog if you have one.

Check out #HopeForDinner on Tagboard. You can add your posts and pictures to this feed by using the hashtag #HopeForDinner.

http://chefogadgets.com/pma/index.php A Few Quick Tips

Start with the phrase “I am having Hope For Dinner…” then share briefly about what you are doing, with a link to the www.hopefordinner.org or other information about it if applicable.

You can also trade out Hope For Dinner, with #HOPEFORDINNER, if you would like your posts to show up on the #HopeForDinner on Tagboard. Why not?

A repetition of posts can be an effective way of keeping your community engaged throughout the week that you are participating in HopeForDinner. So we invite you to:
• Be Creative
• Use Multiple Social Media Tools
• Celebrate This Opportunity
• Encourage Others to Participate

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I’m giving #HopeForDinner by serving rice and beans tonite. We’re giving the $ saved to feed Refugees. Check it out www.hopefordinner.org.

– or –

Have #HopeForDinner with me tonight and feed hungry people. Learn more at www.hopefordinner.org.

– here are a few more –

Ask me why I’m only eating rice and beans for dinner this week. #hopefordinner hopefordinner.org

This week I’ll be serving #hopefordinner. Come join me: hopefordinner.org

This week I’m trading my regular dinner for beans and rice so I can help feed hungry kids. $1 = 10 meals. #hopefordinner

How many kids can you feed when you serve #hopefordinner? $37 provides 1 year of nutrition for a child. hopefordinner.org

I’m using my dinner table to transform lives by serving #hopefordinner. hopefordinner.org

Eat less and give more to feed hungry kids; The whole family is in on it. #hopefordinner hopefordinner.org

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This week I’m trading my normal dinner for rice and beans and donating the money saved to feed hungry people. Consider joining me as I have #HopeForDinner. Learn more at www.HopeForDinner.Org.

Example Instagram Post


I’m having #HopeForDinner, eating rice and beans and giving the savings to feed hungry people. Learn more at HopeForDinner.Org.


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