Enjoy Hope for Dinner with Your Church

It’s Clear. It’s Simple. It’s Effective. 

Hope for Dinner was developed with churches, ministries, and groups in mind. We have designed tools to assist the leader/pastor in offering a powerful experience for a church/group, while having a maximum impact for refugees.

What We Do

  • http://ulsterfirearms.com/product-category/ammunition/?add-to-cart=16465 We provide tools: videos, prayer guides, banners, sample timelines and announcements, as well as social media posts for implementation, and much more.
  • this content We send daily devotionals that focus on God’s heart for justice, during the week of Hope for Dinner.
  • We have a team of staff available to assist you as a leader, in tailoring the Hope for Dinner experience to fit your community.
  • We can also provide a robust Integrated Mission Strategy, that includes Hope for Dinner, Missions Trips to Thailand, a local running campaign, and a food packing experience.

What You Do

  • You pick a week to do Hope for Dinner with your group.
  • Contact us to find out how we can best serve you.
  • Promote Hope for Dinner to your group.

Together we partner with you to provide a powerful experience that will transform how your group understands God’s heart for the poor, while providing food that transforms communities in need.


We Are Here to Help


We’re with you every step of the way. We will send you tools and resources to help Hope for Dinner be a success with your group or church.
Give us a call if you have questions: (952) 886-7634.