Day 4 Blog Pic - Gospel


buy accutane online cheap canada cheap clomid 50mg “So when you join in this tradition, you are joining with our brothers and sisters throughout the centuries in feeding hungry people in Jesus’ name, and sharing the good news of Jesus, the bread of life.”

What a beautiful thought from our daily prayer guide today. We are joining with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the centuries. While I define myself as a Generation Xer, as a Christian, and as an American, this quote reminds me that there is a much more powerful role I play in this beautiful story that God is writing.

I am part of a movement of people across time. It is a movement of people who are compelled by the life and teaching of Christ, a movement of people often known as the Church, and a movement of people who have led the way in charity, generosity, peace, and shalom.

  • The United States is the most giving country on the planet.

  • The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization on the planet (by far).

  • Christians are the most generous population of people on earth.

The point is not that the United States is the best, that the Catholic Church is the largest, or that Christians are the most generous. The point is that we are part of a powerful movement that stretches further than our denomination, than our nationality, than even our political or economic bent. As Christ followers, we are called to be generous, to be compassionate, and to join with those throughout the centuries who have intentionally lived out what it means to love your neighbor as yourself.

You are not alone. You are not part of a small group of believers that look and act like you. You are not your political or economic ideology first. You are not your denominational stance first. You are not your nationality first. You are not your generation first. You are part of movement that spans the globe and has spanned generations of time.

You are a follower of Christ first. You are part of a movement that has agreed on one thing over the centuries – that living out the life and teachings of Christ is the most beautiful way to live. And when done within the timeless community of the Church, this movement is the most powerful force and the most gripping story that this planet has ever encountered.