Day 4 Blog Pic - Generosity


check my site Lamictal online without prescription “The invitation to give is not an invitation into guilt and religion, it is an invitation into joy. I have regretted spending money on myself, and I have regretted spending money on things that did not live up to their billing.  But I have never regretted giving.”

Generosity is not just a nice principle, a good idea, or a calling to a select few. It is foundational to the design and order that God has created for us to live within. We know this because:

  • When we are generous, those in need are cared for more completely.

  • When we are generous, we feel a deep sense of peace and joy.

  • When we are generous, others are drawn to us and are inspired to live differently.

  • When we are generous, Christ is honored, and we see His Kingdom more clearly.

Generosity is part of how we are to live everyday. It is a mindset and a commitment. It requires perseverance and fortitude. And it requires a community around us that will inspire us toward generosity, hold us accountable in generosity, and care for us with their generosity. Do you have a community that is doing that? Are you actively doing that?

God has set up a beautiful framework for us to live within a community of generosity; we are to be generous both with each other and with those who are far away. In this framework, He invites us to give regularly and significantly. And it is powerful when we do so.

In his book The Hole in the Gospel, Rich Sterns lays out some fascinating statistics. He references the traditional church teaching of giving 10%. In light of this principle, he says that the average American evangelical gives 2.58% of their income. If we would give the remaining 7.5%, we could do the following:

  • The American churchgoer gives 2.58%

  • The remaining 7.5%  equals $168 billion

  • 65 billion eliminates extreme poverty

  • 6 bilion provides universal primary education

  • 13 billion provides worldwide  basic health care and nutrition

  • … and there is still 84 billion leftover

We can address extreme poverty, offer universal primary education, and provide basic health and nutrition for every inhabitant on the planet. And still have 84 billion to spare. I’m in.

This is the result of generosity: The vulnerable are being helped. We are being transformed. Our communities are being strengthened. Others are inspired and drawn to the power of a generous church. And God is being honored, as we draw all men unto him.