Fasting content By fasting right now, we feed others right now.

I fight the words “some day” more than most other phrases in my life, and I know I’m not alone. “Some day,” we say, and we inadvertently paralyze ourselves in the present moment while numbing ourselves from future regrets.

Many Ugandans, however, see “now” and “someday” a bit differently than I do. If you ask someone to do something “now,” you mean you want them to do it today. If you actually want them to do it right now, you say “now now.”

“You want me to do something now now? Ok. I will do it right away.”

One of Christ’s favorite phrases was “The Kingdom of God  is here.” In other words: “The Kingdom of God is now now! Don’t wait until it is convenient, easier, or requires less sacrifice to bring someone the Kingdom or to extend someone compassion!” And, to paraphrase something else he told his disciples: “The harvest is here, now now, not six months from now.”

And that is the beautiful power of fasting today for others. We are not waiting until we have extra time or money. We sacrifice what we already have available right now.

When I talk with and mentor young Christian business people, there is a conversation that we inevitably have:

“I want to make a lot of money someday so I can give to God’s Kingdom,” they say.

“So then, what are you giving to now?” I ask.

“Well, I don’t have much now. So I don’t.”

And I advise those young Christian business people, bright with their inspiration, gifts, and intentions, that if they are not giving now when they have little, they most certainly will not be giving later when they have much.  It gets harder to give, not easier.

You don’t get a lot of time later to then serve others.  You make time to serve. Now.

You don’t get a lot of money, then later  give to others. You make room by sacrificing and giving. Now.

This is how the Kingdom works. ‘Now Now.’