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About Hope for Dinner

Buy viagra online prescription, Viagra sales volume




Hope for Dinner changes the lives of hungry kids. Our hope is it does the same for you.


An Experience

Hope for Dinner goes beyond writing a check. It’s a simple week of sacrifice to help people with a big need.

For Communities

Hope for Dinner is best in community. It is designed for families, churches, small groups and schools.


You’re Invited!


Pick a week

  • Make a Choice to intentionally and sacrificially participate in Hope for Dinner.
  • Pick a Week to have Hope for Dinner or join an established week where multiple communities are participating.
  • Register online here.

Eat Rice & Beans

  • Eat Rice & Beans for 5 dinners, trading what you would normally eat for a modest meal of rice & beans.
  • Read the Prayer Guide and consider what the Bible says about responding to the needs of the vulnerable.
  • Share your Experience on social media.

Give the Difference

  • Give the money you saved at the end of the week. Donate Now.
  • Celebrate take time to pray and celebrate the number of lives that have been impacted through your sacrifice.


We are Here to Help

We’re with you every step of the way. We will send you tools to help this process not only be transformational for those receiving the meals, but for you, your family, and your church as well. We want you to be changed.



Get Involved




Hope for Dinner Process


Hunger Facts

300 million children go to bed hungry each night around the world. 

Over 10,000 children still die everyday from hunger related issues.

Malnutrition remains the world’s most serious health problem and the single biggest contributor to child mortality, more than HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria combined.
— The World Bank, 2006