Hope for Dinner is an invitation to feed hungry kids
by eating rice and beans, instead of your normal dinner,
and giving the difference.

Quetiapine fedex shipping You’re Invited!

Pick a week

Choose a week when your family or friends can participate.


Eat Rice & Beans

Eat rice and beans instead of your normal dinner and use your dinner table as a tool to feed hungry kids.


Give the Difference

how to buy diflucan $1=10 Meals. A simple week of sacrifice can make a big difference in the lives of hungry kids.

Hope for Dinner is a…



Hope for Dinner changes the lives of hungry kids. Our hope is it does the same for you.



Hope for Dinner goes beyond writing a check. It’s a simple week of sacrifice to help people with a big need.

For Communities

Hope for Dinner is meant to be done with family and friends.



300 million people go to bed hungry every day.  -UNICEF

What People Are Saying

  • "We are farmers, but we can't harvest because we are always fleeing. We are always hiding in the jungle. My family only eats two meals a day because we must save the rice we have to make it last. The Manna Meals have really helped our health. It is very delicious, and my children like it. We didn't have enough rice before, so this helps so much."
    Refugee WomanWith 5 kids
  • "A student was so touched and moved by Hope for Dinner that he wanted to make sure other students were impacted. He invited a group of leaders to come over on a Sunday afternoon to watch a documentary on the Burmese refugee situation."
    Marci PiperDirector, University Relations OKWU
  • "Hope for Dinner is a challenge to trade cheeseburgers and pizza, for rice and beans, and give the savings to feed starving children."
    Ryan SkoogVenture Expeditions
  • "We had no more food, but your food came just before we starved. God came to visit us today."
    RefugeeCedar Valley Mission Report
  • "Before we received the Manna Meals, my family did not have enough to eat. We ate two times a day, but we were still hungry. We are so poor so we only ate rice and fish paste and never any meat. Now we feel full. We thank you very much; it is the perfect food for us.  I feel very healthy and happy."
    Refugee Woman With 7 Kids


$1=10 Meals



$37 = 1 Year of Nutrition for 1 Person

Serving Hope for Dinner Since 2012

Meals Sent

People Served Daily


…along the Thailand & Burma border.


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Consider using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and your personal blog to engage your friends and family in #hopefordinner.




Spice up your rice and beans and make Hope for Dinner a habit, not just to help people, but because you love the taste.




Download a prayer guide, invitations and other great resources to share with your friends, family or church.




Check out our great photos and videos to learn more about the people you are helping. These are great to show in your home or church.


Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice, to set the oppressed free… Is it not to share your food with the hungry…?-Isaiah 58:6-7